Dork library

List of useful dorks.

Country filtering

Search for IPs in France and domains with fr TLD.

1+(country:"France" host:"fr")
Country is case sensitive.

Search for results in Europe without Russia.

1+geoip.continent_name:"Europe" -country:"Russia"

Severity filtering

Search for all GitConfigHttpPlugin with critical severity OR all DotDsStoreOpenPlugin with high severity.

1(+plugin:"GitConfigHttpPlugin" +severity:"critical") (+plugin:"DotDsStoreOpenPlugin" +severity:"high")

Dataset filtering

Search for dataset bigger than ~1GB and infected by a ransom note.

1+dataset.infected:true +dataset.size:>10000000000

Search for dataset with a ransom note containing btc.


SSL filtering

Search for results with FortiGate as SSL issuer name.


Search for results with as TLD in SSL Common Names or domains."" ssl.certificate.domain:""

Date filtering

Search for results with as TLD in SSL Common Names or domains and created after 2023-01-01.

1+("" ssl.certificate.domain:"") +creation_date:>2023-01-01
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