Getting started


LeakIX is the first platform combining a search engine indexing public information AND an open reporting platform linked to the results.


The search engine is divided in two searchable scopes:


The service scope is an index of everything we have scanned over the last year. It includes IPs and virtualhost.

We keep various information like the TCP or HTTP banner.


In this scope we index mis-configurations and vulnerabilities discovered during our service scans.

A leak can be:

  • A well known identified vulnerability
  • An infrastructure misconfiguration including but not limited to:
    • Status and monitoring pages containing sensitive information
    • Public configuration files containing sensitive information
    • Misconfigured ACL leaving services that should be protected exposed publicly
Due to the sensitive nature of the information we index, access to critical leaks is reserved to trusted users and commercial plans.


We provide and support two official clients: Python and Go.